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LeBlanc Conjoined Twins

LeBlanc Conjoined Twins

Nicole LeBlanc |

In December we found out that we were expecting special twins. Our twins are conjoined and they have a life limiting diagnosis. Our babies are conjoined from the chest to abdomen and are sharing a heart, liver, diaphragm and umbilical cord. We are continuing the pregnancy despite the life limiting diagnosis for our babies. We are giving them a fighting chance! The doctors think at this time the babies can make it to 35 weeks and be delivered via C-Section.

There are many unknowns in the coming weeks and months. At this time we are accepting donations to help with basic necessities. The hospital is an hour drive, and the pregnancy hormones have increased Nicole's appetite and has made her extremely sensitive to smells from food. Donations would go to food, gas and bills.

We won't be planning a baby shower, rather a funeral if they are born alive and are baptized at birth. Any donations will also go in keepsakes to remember our babies when it's time for them to go and funeral costs.

Thank you for all your charity in advance. It is hard to prepare for the unknown, so we place all our trust in God.

God Bless you all.