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Installation Guide

  • Hoodliner Instructions

    3M Rubber and Vinyl Adhesive Spray #80 is the suggested and best adhesive. It’s readily available from The Home Depot and comes in a 24-ounce spray can. It has high heat resistance, over 200 degrees F, and will ensure a permanent bond.

    Please note: other adhesives will lose their ability to stick and can become unglued over time. You do not want a sagging liner to interfere with throttle linkage, pulleys, or anything else under the hood! Please use 3M #80 ONLY!

    • Remove the hood of the car to install the liner. Be sure to mark the hood mounting points if you
      need to, to help in refitting it.
    • Use a de-greaser such as “Simple Green” or “Orange-ZEP”, “Fantastik, “Formula 409”, etc. to clean
      the hood underside. Be sure the surface is clean, dry and oil free.
    • My hood liner is resistant to water, oils, heat etc, but it’s not indestructible. If you pull it too hard or gouge it with a tool it will tear. Please handle it carefully.
    • It’s pre-cut to fit without trimming but if you stretch it, don't worry, you can trim it off at the bottom. An X-Acto knife or a utility knife works best.
    • Dry fit it to get a feel for the material and see how it lines up. Mask off areas of the underhood to protect from glue overspray!! Follow the instructions for the 3M #80 adhesive. Spray the adhesive on both the clean hood underside and the liner underside about 12 to 16+
      inches away and wait about 3 to 4 minutes for it to “set-up” and get “tacky”. When sprayed you
      want that “silly-string” effect and not drops or too-wet adhesive. LAY DOWN A DECENT AMOUNT

    • Start at the top center & apply adhesive half-way down.
    • Carefully line it up and then press it into place with your hands and palms starting at the top and smooth it out as you work down, massaging/pressing it in. Make sure the holes line up. Complete the rest of the center section and then move to the sides starting at the top to halfway down.
    • Apply adhesive to the rest of the hood in sections checking for alignment as you go.
    • You can re-use the original black plastic liner tabs in the pre-cut holes. If they don’t line up you can
      stretch the liner a bit so that it does. Don’t rely on just the tabs to hold the liner in – it WILL sag
      without the adhesive! This liner is not stiff like the original.

    In case you have overspray adhesive on places you don’t want it (hood and liner) you can remove it best with “Goo-Gone”, Mineral Spirits, or a similar adhesive remover
    sprayed onto a terry cloth. Clean off in a circular motion. To prevent having to clean any overspray I use old towels draped over sections of liner that I haven’t gotten to
    yet. The glue likes to go through the punched holes so take care!

  • Decal Instructions

    The decal is covered with an opaque “application tape” that allows you to transfer the decal to the application surface. To make sure the decal will stick to the application tape (and not the paper), apply pressure to the entire decal using a squeegee, credit card or your finger.

    If the decal is not going on one of my hoodliners then thoroughly clean the area where the decal is to be applied using non-oil based cleaner; warm soapy water works fine. Allow time to dry. You may wish to use rubbing alcohol on the application surface to make sure that it’s cleaned of all chemicals.

    Trim around the decal if necessary (many times you won’t need to trim) using scissors or an Exacto knife. Make sure to use the decal itself to center or level the decal since the application tape may not be perfectly cut. Be careful not to cut the decal or YOURSELF!

    Peel the paper backing off, making sure the decal sticks to the application tape that’s on the front of the decal.

    Without any pressure position the decal where you would like to place it. Be sure to level the DECAL since the application tape may not be level with the decal. DO NOT use any pressure yet. If the decal is not level, centered, etc. you may reposition it to where you want it if you have not applied pressure.

    Once the decal is where you want it, apply pressure to all of the decal. You may use a squeegee, a credit card (works great), or your fingers. Press down really
    well several times on the colored decal itself!

    Now it’s time to remove the clear application tape. Start at a corner and SLOWLY pull back, PARALLEL to the surface. DO NOT pull away from the surface. If the decal starts to come up with the application tape set it back down carefully, apply more pressure, and try again.

    Don’t forget to e-mail me pics when you’re done; I’d like to see how it came out!

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