Installation Guide

Our hoodliner is pre-cut to fit your car with mounting holes punched, and cut-outs for lights and intercoolers, air scoops, etc.

 Installation is easy using 3M #80 spray adhesive, found only at the Home Depot in the glue/adhesive section in the paint -area. 

 3M #80 adhesive is the ONLY spray-on adhesive recommended for this liner as it stands up to the heat. Use of any other adhesive will cause the liner to sag or come loose, interfering with throttle linkage, pulleys, fan belts, engine components, etc.

Remove the hood, (mark your bolt mountings) remove/discard all the old insulation. If you have the plastic hood tabs pry them up gently in a back-and-forth twisting motion while prying up - you'll be re-using them after you clean them. 

Place hood on a worktable with the underside up. Clean the hood underside thoroughly; “Simple Green”, "Fantastik", "Zep", or your favorite degreaser and rags/paper towels work well. Test fit the liner dry to line it up with the hood and the fastener holes. PLEASE DO NOT USE ACETONE AS A DEGREASER.

It’s pre-cut to fit without trimming but if you stretch it, don't worry, you can trim it with an X-Acto knife.

Mask off outer areas that aren't going to be covered to protect from overspray. Apply the 3M #80 adhesive to both material and hood. Apply and press down well.

 Re-attach the plastic hood pins, you'll see how flush they sit now. I don't carry the pins but you can get them at Auto Zone or any good auto parts store, even the junkyard!

The hood MUST come off for proper installation of the liner - this is NOT a big deal! Why does the hood have to come off? It comes off because the liner must be installed with spray adhesive and if you don't mask off areas then the glue will get onto places you don't want glue on, such as the windshield, the engine, fenders, cowling, etc. It would get VERY messy. Plus gravity will work against you and your arms will get tired trying to work with them above your head. Ever try cleaning the ceiling fan blades? Your arms hurt after a while, right? 

My liner is not stiff like the original, it's made of a SUPERIOR material and installing it with just the plastic hood pins and no adhesive is not recommended. It will SAG in areas not held in by clips! If you have a helper then removal of the hood and installation back on the car with the new liner will take about an hour. 

You can lay your hood on a large worktable or a plywood on a couple of sawhorses, cushioned with some old blankets or sheets to protect the paint. I include instructions for both the liner and the


The decal is covered with an opaque “application tape” that allows you to transfer the decal to the application surface. To make sure the decal will stick to the application tape (and not the paper), apply pressure to the entire decal using a squeegee, credit card or your finger.

If the decal is not going on one of my hoodliners then thoroughly clean the area where the decal is to be applied using non-oil based cleaner; warm soapy water works fine. Allow time to dry. You may wish to use rubbing alcohol on the application surface to make sure that it’s cleaned of all chemicals.

Trim around the decal if necessary (many times you won’t need to trim) using scissors or an Exacto knife. Make sure to use the decal itself to center or level the decal since the application tape may not be perfectly cut. Be careful not to cut the decal or YOURSELF!

Peel the paper backing off, making sure the decal sticks to the application tape that’s on the front of the decal.

Without any pressure position the decal where you would like to place it. Be sure to level the DECAL since the application tape may not be level with the decal. DO NOT use any pressure yet. If the decal is not level, centered, etc. you may reposition it to where you want it if you have not applied pressure.

Once the decal is where you want it, apply pressure to all of the decal. You may use a squeegee, a credit card (works great), or your fingers. Press down really well several times on the colored decal itself!

Now it’s time to remove the clear application tape. Start at a corner and SLOWLY pull back, PARALLEL to the surface. DO NOT pull away from the surface. If the decal starts to come up with the application tape set it back down carefully, apply more pressure, and try again.

Don’t forget to e-mail me pics when you’re done; I’d like to see how it came out!

C3 Corvette and 1990 Mustang Hoodliner Installation Video Guide


Impala / Caprice Hoodliner Installation Video Guide: by Salvador Ruiz

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